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Warranty from Jasper Auto Sales Select

We offer a 3 month/ 3,000 mile “Limited Power Train Warranty” on most of our vehicles. Extended Service Contracts are available at the time of purchase to offer you peace of mind. Our Service Contract Provider has a wide range of plans from “Basic Power train,” to “Exclusionary Coverage that mirror the factory warranty.”

Our Warranty provider will pay all valid claims at any Certified Mechanic that accepts a credit card. YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CAR TO A DEALER FOR SERVICE WORK! Plans also offer rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance (limitations apply).

Warranties or Extended Service Contracts vary but most cost between $695-$2800 depending on the coverage and type vehicle you’re purchasing. This translates into $15-$45 per month that would be added to your vehicle payment.


Everyone asks this question. The short answer is, If you cannot afford to fix a major mechanical breakdown (engine/transmission $1500-$4000) without interrupting your other monthly bills or expenses then…….Yes you need additional coverage to protect your finances from unexpected breakdowns.

If you can afford to fix breakdowns out of pocket, you still need to consider the value of protecting yourself from rising repair costs. As vehicles continue to become more complex so do their repairs. Typical shop rates are from $65-$135 per hour and continue to rise. Also many parts are now DEALER ONLY ITEMS, therefore the costs of purchasing parts continues to escalate as well. Purchasing a Warranty on your vehicle is like purchasing collision insurance. You hope you want need it but it sure is nice to have when you do.

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